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Late Night

An interesting couple of days; and a series of events. I’m not sure what to really make of it all.

Nice to see some of the family I hadn’t seen in a while, nice to see some old friends,

Had some disappointments, don’t we all though?

I feel like I made a fool of myself, but I think it’s okay to be foolish. If I was understood more than maybe, just maybe I could work it all out. I promised a close friend not to worry anymore and I won’t—but these late nights do require the sort of reflection that the quiet trickle of music brings about.

Why do family members fight over the most trivial things?

Why does it always happen when they’re visiting me? (or is it just in general)

Why can’t I fall in love? Is it my fault?

If I feel like my love is Up in Flames, then why can’t I pour some water on?

Lots of thoughts but good things. I feel like I’ve regained a kick in my step, as to say that I am special and worth someone’s affection. The week ends, the week begins—good things are coming our way.

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Mylo Xyloto Thoughts

Mylo Xyloto

So I’ve been passing around some friends to some links to the new Coldplay Album, Mylo Xyloto. I thought it was time for a full review on my blog that some of you guys could really give this album a chance when it comes out next week. I won’t link to it here sorry! Anyways, onto the album:

MX: A short intro, not much to be said—it’s sort of a theme for the entire album. It’s no Life in Technicolor—in that there’s any anthem but it’s more of a curtains opening type of gig.

Hurts Like Heaven: A nice rush to start the album, new to Coldplay’s arsenal is a sort of fast paced song like this—often opting for more of the melodic tunes as opposed to a quick burst of speed. This one of the more traditionally structured songs on MX, but the robotic voice of Chris Martin gives it a distinctive feel. It’s highly energetic and has been great live—it comes off a little softer on the album.

Paradise: The switch to “Paradise” is a bit abrupt from the previous song but it still works. The song itself is pretty enjoyable and the first minute and a half is pretty good. The chorus is catchy. Not sure if it’s single worthy though as it takes a while to build up and it doesn’t have an anthem sound as Viva La Vida.

Charlie Brown: a personal favorite filled with some awesome guitar loops, the rift is addictive and the lyrics give it the sense that it’s a song of childhood wonder. Chris Martin’s voice goes all out on this one. This has single written on it—and Coldplay classic. It’s just fun.

Us Against the World: Very impressed with the production on this one. The live version has been screwed up a few times and didn’t give me a very good taste for the song. But this is much better. It’s gonna be a grower, but still has the potential to be powerful on tour.

MMIX/Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall: This one has been out for a while so need for the full review. The song still has a sense of “unbalance” to it in that there really isn’t a chorus and the beginning is a little bit disjointed from the rest of the song. The second half is VERY solid and the ending is extremely well-done. A nice concert ending for sure but as for an album it doesn’t really come off as a climax.

Major Minus: This one has also been out there, so not much new to report. The live version heard at this summer’s festivals is a little bit more “rockish” and the echo doesn’t add that much to the song but make it harder to hear the words. It’s a better song in concert.

UFO: A nice short tune that is very similar to parachutes Coldplay—nice and short. Not too much to say on it, other than that it has nice acoustics. Doesn’t stick out to me more than UATW but has a nice ending jingle that leads into the next song.

Princess of China (ft Rhianna): Very underrated… and very different. Not sure if it’s a rap, R&B, maybe more towards the pop side. It may be a little bit loud for headphones but it’s different and a good duet. Rhianna has a good voice and it shows as she sings something completely different from every before.

A Hopeful Transmission: Less of a “transmission” and more of a remix to MX, with a bit of salsa flavor. Fun, but way too short… wonder where this would fit in a live show?

Don’t Let It Break Your Heart: Terrible Name, Amazing Song. Sounds like something coming from the Killers—but at the same time it is very Coldplay. The chorus is there enough to make an impact, but it’s really Johny Buckland’s guitar (who has really shined throughout the album) that makes a big difference here. Gotta here it you’re self, and not sure what song I could compare it too. Like HLH, it is fast and has a “new coldplay sound”.

Up With The Birds: Reminds me of Death and All Of His Friends, but instead of being abstract and a little bit down—it’s the opposite. It also has the slow start, and picks up but is almost as if two songs in one. It seems to be perfect fit for a closing curtain—and the credits role just as the guitar comes in at the middle of the song. There are “bird” like sounds in it in the background and some references to Leonard Cohen and “It’s a Wonderful World.” The only problem here is that it’s almost too short—but just like the album it never overstays its welcome and is best listened to when the album is heard from start to end.

MX (Album): I don’t want to give the album a rating—but see it for yourself. It is different from VLV and very different from other previous Coldplay albums. It’s clear though that “Good things are coming our way,” from the band in the upcoming months as we hear all of these songs live.

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