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A little bit of Phoenix to listen to if you’re still up. Nice and easy on the ears. “What else is wasted? When the lights are coming out,” - Phoenix, “Armistice”

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Stop for a Minute.

Do we take too little time to reflect on what has passed?

Do we move through everything without looking around?

I like the theme of this song… check it out.

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Move Out

Well. Here it goes again.


Stuff’s packed; almost all ready to go.

We’re leaving tomorrow morning and after that I’ll have plenty of time to blog, think and reflect. For now, a song quote comes to mind, “Grab your things, I’ve come to take you home.”

Bonus points for whoever gets this one right.

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Famous Old Painters.
Hidden “Lost” Song by Coldplay. No vocals and there’s some debate whether or not its real.

Any bets?

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The First Ever Live Version of Message In A Bottle By the Police. They’re my favorite band so definitely check this out. Pretty similar to the final version though.

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